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Statement of the Bleeding Obvious

Okay then. Hi, Stumbluponers. I don’t know how you all found me, but there are a lot of you.

Thus, we’ve hit that time in every blog’s life when a comment policy becomes necessary.

Here’s the short version. Having read it before on every comment policy under the sun, I’m kind of bored of saying it, but apparently it’s necessary:

This is my blog. On my blog, you do not have a right of free speech. If you wish to start your own blog, you can speechify as freely as you like. On my blog, though – in which, you will note, I spend most of my time denouncing assholes and assholish behaviour – I am not going to give your assholishness breathing space.

If you have not shown up to tell me how hilarious rape is, or to tell me that anyone who sees rape culture is deluded, then I’m not talking to you, and please be welcome to carry on as you were.

Here’s the comment policy in full.