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1. You do not have right of free speech here. Furthermore, my disinclination to publish asshole ravings is not censorship, oppression, or evidence of my general hatred of dissent. I write blog posts about people behaving like assholes. Why, exactly, do you think that I would then give your own personal assholish screed breathing space? Make your own space. There are plenty of free blogging platforms out there.

Also, as I am not USian, you do not even need to start with your First Amendment assertions – which are wrong in the first place, by the way.

2. Asshole ravings are defined by the management at the sole discretion of the management. Here are some easy clues as to what this might mean:

  • Trolling – Showing up to tell me that rape is really, actually hilarious.
  • Privileged Condescension – Showing up to say that you, as a man, have never witnessed any kind of sexism, so therefore all feminists everywhere are wrong.

3. This is a feminist space. On any given day, I may or may not feel like engaging in 101 level discussions with you. The link in my blogroll to Feminism101 is there for a reason.If the arguments I am making are completely new to you, then please do us all a favour and assume that you need to do some 101 reading, rather than assuming that I am in the business of writing fiction.

4. This is also a queer-friendly, trans-friendly space. Ableist, sizist and racist comments are not welcome either. I am open to being called out on any of these things and I do want to hear about it if you don’t feel safe here.


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