The thoughts of Jet Silver, feminist.

I started this blog because I wanted a place to be angry. I’m angry about many things, but as a white cisgendered woman in a heterosexual relationship,  I am most often angry about sexism.

The blog is called I Am Not Cake because I am a person, not a cake. I imagine most people reading this do not think of themselves as cake, either. Excellent! We’ll get on well. Women, particularly, are not cakes. We do not require ‘icing’ in the form of ridiculous lingere. We are not delicious edible inanimate objects who just need to go that extra  step to please our partners. Women are not commodities, and I Am Not Cake challenges that meme.

(The ‘cake’ conversation did occur. It made me angry. I started a blog.)


6 responses to “About

  1. Aileen Wuornos

    Fuck yes. Adding you to my blog roll.

  2. Thank you!

    I just read your comments on Because “fun ‘n’ edgy” and “pornification of slavery” are so easily confused – thank you so much; I’m really glad I’ve found your blog.

  3. Awesome title for a blog. :-)

  4. I love your blog title, for I, too, Am Not Cake. I am not something dudes can “have a piece of”.

    Also, I didn’t find this blog until today, and I <3 it muchly already.

  5. unexpectly found your blog. thats a really meaningful blog name :)


  6. I found your blog today and have read through previous posts. You have lifted me slightly from the darkness and made my life a bit easier to cope with, thank you!

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