Today’s Asshole

Small rage-outlet of a post. Ada Lovelace Day post in the works.

Client just walked into my office, his phone ringtone blaring Eye of the Tiger. I joked that he had entrance music. His totally resonable response was to start doing a striptease at me.

Fucks sake. He will, I am totally sure, interpret my embarrassed, threatened laugh and covered face as approval, and will do it again in the future.

Rape culture means that even as I began writing this, I had to admonish myself that the qualifier ‘stupidly’ did not belong before ‘joked’. I did not cause this incidence of harassment by noting his ringtone. But victim-blaming rape culture means that I consciously have to tell myself that. And it means that I will remain the embarrassed person every time he walks into the office from now on – not him as it ought to be. Not the man who walked into a professional service corporate office and began a striptease in the foyer. What the fuck.


8 responses to “Today’s Asshole

  1. Wow. That’s just…wow. Did he actually take any of his clothes off, or did he stop before that? It’s too bad you can’t sue for harassment or something.

  2. Can’t you? If he does it again – and you feel safe enough – I recommend either extreme sarcasm: “well done! Now, why don’t you put it back on, and show me how well you can tie your shoelaces?” (like talking to a five-year-old) or the completely factual “that’s not appropriate”, repeated until he gets the message.

    • Pissing off a client is dangerous to my job, in a “mild” case like this when my boss doesn’t see the problem. So I rant here, and will find something to do away from the front desk when that particular client arrives in the future.

      If not in a volatile job situation, sarcasm is totally my response.

  3. It’s a shame you can’t throw up on his shoe, that would be an indication of how you feel and I bet he’d never do it again.

  4. and you’d probably get given the afternoon off as a prize.

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