Jet’s favourite mansplanation story

Mansplanation. Over at Zuska’s, a thread was born. Shakesville answered. I’ve been having a fine old time reading everyone’s stories, and recalling the first time I came across the term.

My definitive mansplanation moment was the time a particularly ‘splanation-prone asshat argued with a female friend and I for a good hour. This (straight, cisgender) guy was well known for holding forth on all sorts of topics whether he knew a damned thing about what he was talking about or not. And he had to be right. All the time. I thought he was an ass before this conversation, but I could never take anything he said seriously again after he set this gold standard.

The mansplainer mansplained adamantly on the topic of sex. His specific sub-topic: whether a long penis or a wide one is more pleasurable for a woman during vaginal intercourse.

He knew best. What my friend and I, and the occasional gobsmacked woman passing by, thought about his opinions – well, that didn’t matter.

I hope I never meet a mansplainer to match him.


2 responses to “Jet’s favourite mansplanation story

  1. Ah I’m ever so glad they have a school appropriate term for this now. I usually refer to it a “asshattery” but that doesn’t go over well with my teachers. As a high school student I encounter many mansplainers all to eager to explain to me how my emotions are invalid because I’m a girl and I have PMS. Of course I’m also told I shouldn’t like certain men because their race isn’t as physically endowed as others, because, after all, my life should revolve around sex like theirs does. This obviously isn’t the worst form of ignorance one can encounter, I just felt like sharing my idle experiences on this topic.

  2. I’m so happy there’s a word for this. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to vigorously argue to a man that I, a woman, really, really know more about the experience of menstruation and breast tissue than they do. Or that I can speak authoritatively on subjects that, you know, I have a Bachelor’s degree in. I also can’t tell you how many times men have given me advice on the assumption that I need it, or have decided they need to give me some sort of “life lesson” based on my sex, gender and age.


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