Genesis of a blog

Back in the pre-Christmas madness, I sent my partner a cross email. It detailed The Last Straw, which was an exchange with a random stranger on the other end of the phone:

Jet: *calls insurance broker*
Some Guy: *answers*
Jet: “Hi, I need to speak to someone about adding a driver to a motor policy.”
Some Guy: “I’ll put you through to Karen, but she’s on the phone, and you know girls, they’re on the phone a lot. HAHAHA.”
Jet: “…thank you, but I don’t really appreciate the generalisation.”
Some Guy: “I was only joking!” *immediate hold music*

With the further comment:

Right! That is it! I am going to make a blog detailing all this little, niggling CRAP that is the world trying to tell me I am less a hundred times a day. Perhaps it will make me less pissed off. I will call it I AM NOT A CAKE.

And there you have it. Whether the effect will be to make me less pissed off or more – well, I’ll keep you informed.


2 responses to “Genesis of a blog

  1. Welcome to the blogular world.

    Want to hear the phone conversation I had at one o’clock this morning?

    “Hello, this is Constable Gerald. Have you recently been in trouble with the police?”

    This shit gets old.

  2. …you can tell when it’s school holiday season, can’t you. Asshats. I wonder what the line would have been if a man had answered.

    Thank you for the welcome!

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